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Being held accountable gets results.

Sam's clients are proof of that.

He pushes every single one of them to their limit every session; knowing that they can achieve way more than they think they can. And then they do.


With dedication paired with his motivation and expert knowledge in training & nutrition; Sam's clients get results and above all, enjoy their training sessions!  Transforming your body doesn't have to be a chore. It should be fun and enjoyable otherwise it can never become a lifestyle change. 

With Sam's training, you not only transform your physique, you transform your life!

Having put himself and other athletes through this process, Sam knows what it takes. His in-depth knowledge of nutrition, as well as physical exercise and resistance training; ensures you go through the process of bettering your physique and mind in the healthiest of methods with optimum results.

Having weight trained since the age of 15 and with a degree in Personal Training; Sam has been in the fitness industry for well over a decade. His specialties are in resistance training, sport nutrition & powerlifting; all of which he encorporates into his client's plans. 


Sam is also a coach for competition prep, providing athletes with 24/7 support on the lead up to any event. 

Sam's core values focus on the overall health of every individual client he takes on; ensuring that they enjoy every stage of their prep, training & diet and that their bodies are never put under unescessary stress and damage. 

Every client has direct contact with Sam so that they never feel alone or lost throughout the process of transforming their bodies and in turn their lives! They take great pride in taking care of their clients from the start; teaching each individual how to live a longer, happier lifestyle. 

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For the person wanting to gain muscle, gain strength, shred body fat for summer  a competition or photo shoot and ultimately transforming their overall body composition, or just to push their mental and physical boundaries outside of their comfort zone, Sam can adapt to your needs.

He has worked with over 1000 clients during his time as a personal trainer and each and every one of them has come to him with his or her own goals in mind. He is ready and willing to adapt and take on any challenge to ensure the individual achieves their ultimate goal! 

Sam currently offers Online Coaching to a limited number of people per week. To find out more please click this link...

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Thank you for emailing Sam Bird! Your email will be replied to as soon as possible.

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